30 Reasons to Nordic Walk – My Instagram Challenge April 2019 Part 1

Over April I’ve taken part in an Instagram challenge to post everyday and I decided to link it to all the fabulous reasons to Nordic Walk! I thought it would be great to have them all in one place so we can remind ourselves of all those great reasons to improve your Mind Body & Spirit!

  1. Age Better and Stronger – Nordic Walking hits all those exercise goals! Cardio, strength and balance – lots of research showing walking is great for you what ever your age!
  2. Mood Boosting – a recent study found that spending time in nature decreases negative thoughts by a significant margin. So get out for a walk today and lift your spirits.
  3. Makes Hills Easier – using the nordic walking poles helps you walk up the hills more easily, without as much effort and with better recovery.
  4. Great for Overall Fitness – you are using 90% of muscles and also in the higher gears can use as many or even more calories that running!
  5. Reduce Stress & Anxiety – walking in nature, walking in a group, raising heart rate, moving your muscles – all things that will reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. Discovery! – Discovering new places, discovering interesting facts about history, nature, geography. We walk near Iron Age hill forts, chalk downs with rare native flowers, longest flight on the K&A canal and lots more.
  7. Friendships – Walking in a group is very social. Meet new friends on your first lessons, your first walks and bring your friends along too. We enjoy a chat on a walk, a coffee after and even take day trips & holidays too.
  8. Access to 1000’s of nordic walks. Learning with NWUK instructor and you open up a world of walks all around UK and even abroad too. Join other instructors on their regular walks, join a walk when you are on holiday, come to the NWUK festival in September or even take a holiday with nordic walking included.
  9. Walking Challenges – Nordic Walking makes long distance walks easier for many reasons: pressure off lower limbs, propel you forward, helps in hills, encourage better posture, no swollen hands! If you are training for a long walk then consider using poles.
  10. Balance and Stability. The nordic pole use can help you distribute the weight throughout the torso and decrease the load on the spine and lower limbs. Great for lower back pain and increasing mobility in spine.
  11. Improve your Brain Power. Taking up exercise and learning a new skill can improve your neurocognitive function. It is never too late to start!
  12. Walking stimulates Creativity. We have time to slow down and look around and get inspired. Our walkers take amazing photographs, got ideas for new projects, talking through problems and ideas with peers.
  13. Energy Levels – a faster walk will stimulate muscles, wake up the senses and get the blood pumping a great way to start the day or the week or the month!
  14. Great local cafes and pubs to visit – we get out and about all over the North East of Wiltshire in the Pewsey Vale and the North Wessex Downs. Some of our favourites are Bunces in Marlborough, Honeystreet Mill Cafe and Elianes in Hungerford.
  15. It’s Great Fun. We have a laugh, we love the endorphins from zooming along a grassy path or up a hill! Recent studies have shown that exercise makes you more happy than money!!