Which Poles Should I Buy?

I often get asked this question! This article is an attempt to give you some options if you decide that you would like your own poles. You are welcome to use my poles when you come along on a walk (just let me know in advance that you need some).

Please note that some of the new 2019 models of the poles have increased in price (mainly due to currency fluctuations) – there are some poles still on a good price as they are 2018 models.

You should know the size you are comfortable with but if you don’t remember just ask me as I have a note of them all.

Fixed length are great if you don’t need them to collapse for travelling and are very comfortable with the size. If you’re in between sizes or haven’t found that perfect size yet then consider adjustable poles which can be great value too.

Poles come in all different materials from aluminium to carbon and different combinations. The more carbon the lighter the pole will be and much less vibration. The more expensive ones are lighter and stronger but even the most expensive adjustable poles are still under a £100, with a bit more for travelling versions and trail sticks which can also be used for trail running. You do get what you pay for but there are poles for all budgets.

The poles that people have been buying are details below in the boxes.

Aluminium Poles

Most entry level poles are aluminium construction and are fine for light use.

Leki Spin Superlock Leki’s great value adjustable pole made from aluminium with Leki’s Trigger release system. Benefits from all the usual Leki qualities. Adjustable in length from 100cm to 130cm it has a rubber grip and quick release Trigger 3 strap. Comes with Powergrip rubber paws. Shop Here – Member Price is £49.45

Leki Spin Shark Superlock  If you prefer the shark connection and the super lock adjustment then this pole will suit you with a Member Price of £62.95. Shop Here

Carbon Poles

Leki Instructor Carbon – a good set of mostly carbon poles which are a prefect pole for most people. Shark connection and super lock adjustment. Not much more at £76.50 Shop Here

Fizan Limited Edition is a fully carbon pole with NWUk branding.

Tried and tested by our own NWUK team, this pole is a fantastic 100% NW pole. With a single long bottom section and short handle, it is one of the nicest poles we have sold.

The full length bottom section made from high density carbon absorbs any vibration to provide a great feeling for a very smooth plant. As an extra bonus, It also comes with a limited edition NWUK neck Buff. Comes in at a reasonable £76.50 so compares well with Leki above.

Shop Here

Fizan Carbon Pole

Gabel carbon XT 2S 80% Carbon NWUK member’s price – £67.95 Shop Here

Traveller Poles

If you want the convenience of collapsing your poles then consider a traveller pole. Again they come in basic aluminium (good for a second set for holidays) or a fully carbon pole which is better if this is your only pole as it will vibrate less.

Leki Traveller Aluminium – £71.95 Shop Here

Gabel Carbon XT 3S 100% carbon – £89.95 Shop Here

The NEW Gabel Cobra are fantastic new poles from Gabel. They are an Extendable (105-130cm) 100% carbon pole that breaks down to 52cm. The poles provide the ultimate precision when walking but then become one of the smallest compact poles for travelling. Great price at £105 Shop Here

Leki Traveller Carbon – a lovely pole preferred by many of our walkers – £125 Shop Here

Leki Micro Trail Vario 2018 Ultimate 100% carbon Nordic Pole for travelling and trails with Vario adjustment. Member’s Price only £134.95. My favourite pole! Shop Here


We have a Shop and Drop once a month. This saves you the postage on anything you buy from the NWUK store including poles as the whole delivery comes to me for collection usually on a walk. Just look for my name & delivery date on the delivery option.You can order anytime outside this date and have the items sent directly to you for £5.00 postage.

To order go to www.wessexnordicwalkng.com/store and select your poles and don’t forget to log in to use your discount (which you will be able apply for once you have registered and used your Passport activation code to get the FREE membership).

Updated: August 23, 2019 — 4:05 pm