Why Join Ski Fit?

Why do you need to be ski fit? And why is Nordic Ski Fit a great way to prepare for the slopes this year!

You’ve got this one week booked and you know you need to make the best of it! You want to be able to ski all day with feeling exhausted, avoid injuries and make the most of the precious time on the slopes!

If you’d rather not spend hours in the gym and do endless wall sits then come and try Nordic Ski Fit!


The course is intended to work on all aspects of fitness that you need to get the most out of a winter sports holiday. The components apply to downhill & cross country skiing, snowboarding and skating.

Over the six weeks we will work progressively on all those skills that you need to be fighting fit to enjoy your holiday:

  • Cardio fitness
  • Weight Transfer
  • Co-ordination & Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Muscular power and strength
  • Agility and speed of reaction
  • Flexiblity.

You do not need to be a winter sports enthusiast to enjoy this course. It is also a great workout for all those who want to improve general fitness and aspects of the skills above.

So come and join us! There are two new courses starting this month on Monday mornings and Saturday mornings. Click here for activities and then search for Ski Fit.

Updated: October 1, 2018 — 8:26 pm