Why Walk Nordic Style?

I’ve had some questions asking why they should “nordic” walk and why it was better than ordinary walking or just walking with walking poles?

More speed with less effort

When you walk with nordic walking poles correctly, you are utilising up to 90% of your muscles including your core, your back, arms and shoulders. This results in more power, more propulsion and speed. You can maintain a faster pace even including hills for longer then fitness walking alone so you can go further in less time and burn more calories! At Wessex Nordic Walking we offer “Fast and Furious” workout walks to increase fitness levels, improve muscle tone and enable you to go further in a shorter time!

Reduces pressure on joints & improves posture

Using the poles re-distributes some of the force from your lower body to your upper body. This results in much less pressure on your knees and your hips and is great for people who find it hard to run or even walk due to joint pain. Even on downhill which can be harder on your knees using poles can provide stability and support. We offer taster sessions to see if Nordic Walking will suit your fitness goals.

The poles, used in the right position, naturally put you in an optimal upright posture. We work on making sure you are in the correct position to help you increase mobility in your upper body and improve spinal and shoulder rotation. Anyone who spends lots of time behind a computer will feel and immediate benefit from nordic walking.

Fun and Social

Often exercise is a solitary affair either running on your own or even when you are in a group exercise class you can’t really chat to your neighbour. With nordic walking even at our fitness speeds you can still carry on a conversation so you can walk and talk making the most of walking together outside. Ashley Sandy offers lots of varieties of walks in the Marlborough area so you can come and get fitter, see some great views and enjoy a chat while exercising.

For more information on walks in the Marlborough and Swindon areas please go to www.ashleysandy.com or check out my Facebook page

Updated: May 16, 2017 — 1:32 pm